On this page we have collected frequently asked questions from our customers.

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Do you have any standard fabrics? Yes, we hold a small collection of fabrics from Belgium. If you want us to include it in the price, please specify this upon inquiry. See all fabrics here.

I would like to send my own fabric, how does this work? Many of our clients supply the fabric on their own and they simply send it to our factory address. Your contact person will give you all the details you need including the fabric consumption for each item.


Do you have any standard finishes? Yes, we have a selection of painted, stained and gilded finishes. You can chose the level of antique distress (light, medium, heavy) and the sheen (matt, semi gloss and glossy). 

I would like to have another finish, is that possible? Yes, we develop finishes based on our clients own references. Either you send a picture of your desired finish through e-mail or an actual swatch via post. To achieve the most accurate result, we prefer the second option. We offer the service to take pictures of your item after finishing together with your swatch for you to approve the item prior to packing. If you want to avail this service you have to inform your contact person.

LOCAL market

Do you cater the local market in the Philippines? Yes, even if we are an exporting company we supply local customers here in the Philippines. The lead time is 30-45 days after 50% down payment and approval of drawings. This lead time may vary due to the intricacy of the item, availability of materials and national holidays. The remaining 50% payment will be made upon delivery. We arrange delivery to your location and take care of the installation of the items.


You are located inside a PEZA zone, what does it mean and which are the benefits? Our factory, showroom and office is located in MEPZ2 (Mactan Export Processing Zone) which is regulated by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authorities). By being a PEZA registered company we comply with all the strict rules and regulations in regards to environmental awareness and social responsibility. We also avail the benefits such as no taxes and duties for import and export of materials and goods. Read more about PEZA here.