the story about vasacrafts company

Vasacrafts Company Inc., is a high end furniture manufacturer.

Together with our Swedish owners and Filipino partners, we have acquired a competent and skilled team. Located in Cebu, Philippines, our factory produce top quality furniture, veneer and interior parts for private customers, B2B clients and for project and contract customers world wide. Our main materials are high grade, environmentally certified wood but we also work with stone, fiberglass and metals such as iron and stainless steel. Learn more about our materials under Production.

Regardless if you have your own design or need assistance from the start, our team of competent furniture engineers and architects will work with you to make every small or big project realized. We offer a wide product range of furniture and related crafts. We do accessories such as mirrors, wall panels. pedestals as well as traditional furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, beds and cabinets. We also work with exclusive decoration and finishing, with simple to overwhelming carvings.

Our veneer section does beautiful works, from splicing to lamination with marquetry and parquetry designs. The entire process takes place under one roof, from receiving of raw materials to packing. Starting from buying quality lumber, we do the cutting, carving, sanding, finishing, upholstery and packing, making sure that everything reaches your expectations - and higher.

Vasacrafts Company is always working towards an environmentally aware production, all the way from the carefully selected materials such as glue and color to energy consumption and recycling. Welcome to a place where your furniture and interior comes to life!



vasa - our inspiration

The original ship at Vasa museum in Stockholm

The original ship at Vasa museum in Stockholm

A 1:10 scale version made to visualize the look

A 1:10 scale version made to visualize the look

''Vasacrafts Company is a modern initiative to preserve a precious activity - craftsmanship.  Vasa or Wasa, as it was originally called, is the name of a war ship which is known not only in Sweden but all over the world as the most well preserved ship from the 17th Century. Vasa was the largest ship ever built at the time and was constituted as a symbol of strength of the Kingdom of Sweden in the battle towards Poland in 1625.
The ship was enhanced with 500 handmade sculptures to ledge and glorify the royal family's authority, wisdom and power as well as to frightening the enemies. Unfortunately Vasa did just like Titanic, sink during its maiden voyage. The reasons to why it became its first and last passage is not definite, but specialists claim that the total weight together with the many enrichment and canons were beyond the maximum capacity of what the ship was constructed to carry.
After 300 years of sleep on the bottom of the ocean, a large scale operation was conducted to bring Vasa up to meet the day light again. Now, what inspires us about this story is the will to preserve this national treasure that is much more than a ship - it is a result of great craftsmanship and national history. At Vasacrafts Company, we value the importance of making products that will be treasured many years after our time. To honor our history and to preserve the legacy, we strive to produce furniture that will be appreciated by the generations to come.''
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