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NCS S 0300-N

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Honey politur

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Choose from Vasacrafts Company's marble and granite options for table tops.


Fine White


Himalayan White

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Emerald Pearl

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Blue Pearl

Midnight Black

Jade Green

Volakas White #2

Africa Brown

Honda Grey

Black Galaxy


Volakas White #3

Emperador Brown

Imperial Black

Supreme Black

Verde Ubatuba


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Choose from Vasacrafts Company's natural stone inlays options for vanities and table tops.


Snow White Stone

Fossil Stone

Chestnut Stone

White Chrystal Stone

Smokey Agate Stone

Black Snake Skin Stone

Mactan Stone

Pastor Stone

Blue Agate Stone

Clamp Stone

Grey Stone

Baguio Stone

Chrystal Stone

Black Stone

Wood Stone




There is a few things you may consider while choosing the right veneer for your furniture and interior requirements. Natural or reconstituted veneer? What pattern do you want? What pattern matching is suitable for your item?

Let us help you along the way.

Walnut 4008.JPG


Natural veneer

Natural veneer is a decorative covering of fine wood sliced from natural species of lumber such as Maple, Khaya, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Teak, Ash, etc. Thin slices are precisely cut into layers from a tree log with some as thin as 1/40” (0.6mm). The production process for natural veneer is known as 'slicing'. This is when a log is delicately carved through the use of a special peeling machine, producing thin sheets of veneer. Each sheet of natural veneer is exclusive as every tree has its own unique pattern even if they are of the same species. Natural veneer is widely sought after as it truly shows the natural characteristics of the wood.


Reconstituted veneer

Reconstituted veneer is manufactured using fast growing trees usually of a lower grade wood or a softer species of lumber. After it has been sliced, it will then be dyed, dried and glued together into blocks. it will then be re-sliced and re-glued, depending on the desired pattern. The finished product emulates natural wood grains such as the cathedral cut, crown cut, quarter cut, straight grain, burl, etc. Reconstituted veneer is man-made thus enabling mass production of various designs. This type of processed veneer is usually less expensive to produce as compared to natural veneer as it is more cost effective to slice fast growing trees then glue them into blocks.


Common cuts and grains

Burl Mappa.JPG
White OAk CC.JPG
White Ash RG.JPG