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  • All our prices are FOB* CEBU if nothing else is stated. This means that the origin charges are inclusive in the price and the customer has to arrange for the shipping of items from Cebu to the final destination. 
  • Vasacrafts Company Incorporation (VCI) will however be of assistance during the shipping period, and will stay in close contact with the nominated forwarder to ensure that the necessary documents are provided and delays in shipping can be avoided. VCI does waive the responsibility of the goods as soon as they have been left with the nominated forwarder since we don't have any more influence thereafter.

*Freight On Board

Nominated forwarder

Vasacrafts Company Incorporation (VCI) works together with several forwarders for different types of shipping around the world. You are recommended to hire your own forwarder in your destination country but if you are unable to do so, VCI can recommend a forwarder and broker that can be used. Make sure you get familiar with the importation rules in your country before the shipment have been made since several countries practice different rules and regulations for importing goods, you might need to get permits or other clearances before the goods are shipped. If you are unsure regarding this, we have extensive knowledge regarding shipping to different countries and can help you make sure the goods arrive without any problems.




Updated as of 2017  -  Approved by Alexander Hey, VCI President